Dog Food

We are Orkney’s only stockist of complete raw dog food. We only stock raw dog food exclusively formulated for working dogs from Hungry Hounds Pet Supplies and Pro Dog Raw. Because we are committed to a raw meat diet, we only provide products which we are happy to feed our own working dogs.

As supporters of natural raw feeding, a diet of raw meat and bones is nutritionally superior than that of commercially produced dog food, which is highly processed leading to a loss in essential ingredients your animal needs.

“A balanced, raw diet has many benefits which include a healthier coat, cleaner teeth and breath, reduced stool volume and odour and better overall health.”

We stock the most popular flavours plus some chunks and tripe, but if your dog would like something specific, please let us know and we can add it to our next monthly delivery. We are now able to deliver back to mainland Orkney for £7.50 per 3 boxes (24kg), just add the delivery option to your basket.