Environmental Statement

Protecting the environment for future generations is very important to us and is part of the reason for our move to Sanday in 2020. As a start, we’ve added extra insulation and changed all the lighting in our home to LED. Our new barn is super insulated so our heating needs are tiny. This allows us to take advantage of the solar gain from the very long summer days. Living on a small remote island has helped us reduce our mileage from over 40,000 per year to less than 5,000, a reduction of almost 15 tonnes of CO2e. It takes 6 new trees to offset the carbon from 1 tonne of emissions.

Environmental improvements – COMPLETE

✅ 100% renewable grid power from Symbio Energy 
✅ 250 willow trees planted in 2020 to provide our own renewable wood for the pizza oven – once they’ve grown! 
✅ 3 acres of land left to grow each year as a wildflower and wildlife meadow
✅ 50 New Zealand flax planted as a natural windbreak
✅ entrance and parking made from local gravel to allow rain water to drain away 
✅ loo roll from “who gives a crap” to help install toilets in developing countries 
✅ Our loo is twinned with one in Uganda
✅ All our lights have been converted to LED 
✅ 5kw PV Solar system with Li-Ion battery backup ♻️
✅ 420 trees planted July 2021. 210 to provide fruits, nuts and berries to eat, 105 to provide timber for future use and 105 to provide a wildlife habitat.
✅ Polycrub to grown our own herbs, fruit, veg and salad 

Environmental improvements – PLANNED

✅ Adding a wind turbine
✅ Convert heating from oil fired to air source heat pumps 
✅ 2000 litre rainwater harvesting to water fruit and veg garden 
✅ 1/4 acre fruit and vegetable garden
✅ repurpose an old wire cage into a soft fruit cage 
✅ Compost bins to recycle waste and fire ash into compost 

Sandays wind power
Polycrub & veg garden
Wildflower bales