Pro Dog Working Dog Economy Core Three Bird Mince 450g


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Our Core Three Bird Mince with Offal raw meal option sets a new standard for economy raw dog food. An appetising blend of fresh British chicken, turkey and duck meat, bone and beef liver and kidney. Supercharged with 5g per 500g ProDog’s premium vitamin and mineral rich ‘Boost’ supplement.

Ingredients 40% British Chicken Meat and Ground Bone, 30% British Turkey Meat and Ground Bone, 19% British Duck Meat with Ground Bone, 5% Beef liver, 5% Beef Kidney, 1% Boost
Analysis Moisture 69%, Protein 17.7%, Total Fat 7.86%, Ash 4.38%, Crude Fibre 1.41%
Weight 450g

Please note that all the dog food we sell is formulated exclusively for working dogs.


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