SGS – Shop

This is a chocolate lovers dream!

Sinclair General Stores only needed 80 chocolate eggs, but ordered 80 cases by mistake, more Easter eggs than the island’s population! That’s 720 Easter eggs now stranded on an island of roughly 500 people.

To solve the problem, shop owner Dan Dafydd has put 100 of the eggs into a raffle for one lucky person to win. The money will be donated to charity in aid of the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution).

“I don’t think conventional means is going to get rid of them,” he told the BBC. “If you won them you’d probably just give them all away, but a couple of customers were pretty set on the idea of trying to eat all 100.”

The RNLI also issued a statement saying thank you to the shop: “We’re eggstremely grateful to Dan at Sinclair General Stores in Sanday for this incredibly generous gesture after a rather unfortunate delivery of 720 chocolate eggs.”