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Raw dog food, available from 25th July 2020

Raw Dog Food

We’ve become a stockist of raw dog food from The Raw Factory. Their food is made in Falkirk, Scotland, in a brand new family owned factory. They source all their high quality ingredients locally, which we love. To get started, we will be stocking 12 “complete” flavours. Complete raw dog food contains 10% bone and 10% offal which are required to give your dog all the goodness they need to thrive on a raw diet. Our first delivery will be available from 25th July 2020, you can order online here.

A balanced, raw diet has many benefits which include a healthier coat, cleaner teeth and breath, reduced stool volume and odour and better overall health.

We have fed both our dogs on raw food for over two years. We have 2 Hungarian Vizslas, affectionately known as the ginger ninjas! Eden our two year old has been fed a raw diet all her life and is in amazing condition. Isla is seven and has been on a raw diet for over two years, we switched her to raw as her coat was starting to become dry and itchy. Since the change, this condition has gone completely and she is in amazing condition. Isla was a qualified air scent search dog for Lowland Rescue and attended over 60 searches assisting the emergency services to find missing vulnerable adults and children across the south east of the UK.

Here are a few pictures of Isla at work, fundraising at shows, climbing the 3 Peaks and representing Search & Rescue at Crufts in 2019.

Eden started her training as a tracking/trailing search dog looking for missing people too, she was part of the Search Dog Heroes project sponsored by The Peoples Postcode Lottery, but our move up to Orkney got in the way of our training. So to keep her brain working, I switched her to searching for narcotics as we can do that anywhere!

Here are a few pictures of Eden working on scent boxes, learning what she’s looking for, then searching vehicles for drugs!