Vizsla Cartoon Gifts

Welcome to our personalised Vizsla gift ordering page!
For all orders placed by the end of 2023, 10% of the sale price will be donated to the Hungarian Vizsla Society.

A little about us….. we’ve had Vizslas for 11 years. Isla was our first, I qualified her as a Search & Rescue dog for Lowland Rescue. We worked 70 missions together looking for missing people for the Police. Eden came along 5 years later and started training in drugs detection before we all moved up to Orkney in 2020. The dogs now spend their days exploring the white sandy beaches and we run our print business, café and motorhome park here in Sanday, one of Orkneys remote northern isles.

Please allow around 2-3 weeks for your order as they are printed to order and sent out from our rather beautiful location on a remote island in Orkney, thank you.